City of Clairton
551 Ravensburg Boulevard
Clairton, PA 15025
(412) 233-8113


View Final Zoning Ordinance – Enacted July 2014

This department covers Code Enforcement, Ordinance Zoning and Building permits. Certificates of Occupancy and Construction permits are required for any alterations to existing buildings and/or new construction. This would include improvements to the existing structure and also Sheds, Fences, Roofing, Siding, Detached garages, Driveways and Windows. Handrails are required with 3 risers (steps) in a residential areas for safety.

All demolitions must be approved by the Fire Chief , please contact him at (412) 233-8113 Ext. 7.

New Occupancy inspections are required by Clairton City Ordinance —- when any property old or new is bought or sold regardless if it is a Single Family Residence or a Commercial Building. The framing of the whole structure must be inspected to insure that various ordinances and codes meet compliance with the City of Clairton. Permits last 6 months. If permit expires before completion of the work, a new permit is required   Problems with high grass, garbage, debris, construction materials, and unkempt property can be handled by the Ordinance Officer.

For any questions regarding Code Enforcement, Ordinances and/or Zoning, Please call (412) 233-8113 Ext. 4

To view, download or print Zoning forms please visit our Forms page.