City of Clairton
551 Ravensburg Boulevard
Clairton, PA 15025
(412) 233-8113

Mayor of Clairton


Message from the Mayor

As I took office in January 2010, there were some major problems looming. There wasn’t a whole lot of time to enjoy being Mayor, money was running out, layoffs were imminent and there were many changes on the horizon. Two very large snow storms hit two weeks in a row, 2 feet of snow total. Additional money spent that we couldn’t afford to overcome the storm.

Many cost cutting moves were made here at City Hall to tighten our belts. These moves were disheartening, but necessary. A year and a half later the City seems to be making financial progress, we had a dream come true: A supermarket is all set to come to Clairton, as well as a few fast good places and possible gas station. The City is working on a deal that would be very lucrative for the City. This will help return some funds to our general fund, which would enable us to enhance the services that we offer to our citizens and community.

While Clairton may never be what it once was, the good old days of the 60’s and 70’s, we need to all work together to make Clairton safe, vibrant and we must never stop improving. We should be proud to call Clairton home.

As a citizen, we ask you to be the eyes and ears of your neighborhood, we need your help. If you see something unlawful or disturbing, report it. If you see someone littering or see debris on the ground, address it. Most important, pay your city taxes, without these funds the City cannot move forward. Be a community leader, lead by example.

I started in office in 2010 and it’s been an honor and a privilege to serve as your Mayor for the City of Clairton.

My mission would be for us to continue to work hard, display honest and integrity, make one another accountable, and by the grace of God, Clairton can improve and prosper.


Mayor Richard Lattanzi