City of Clairton
551 Ravensburg Boulevard
Clairton, PA 15025
(412) 233-8113

City Administration / Finance

City Phone Number – 412-233-8113 then select option listed below

Mayor Option 1 Email: Click here: Mayor  
City Manager Option 8 Email: Click here: City Manager  
Finance Option 3 Email: Click here: Finance Office  
Code Enforcement & Zoning Option 4 Email: Click here: Code Enforcement  
Public Works Option 5 Email: Click here: Public Works  
Police Department Option 6    
Fire Department Option 7 Email: Click here: Fire Department  
City Council  Option 2 Then to speak to your Council Select Option Below:  

Option 1 – Ward 1 Councilman & Deputy Mayor Tony Kurta

Option 2 – Ward 2 Councilman Richard Ford

Option 3 – Ward 3 Councilwoman Lee Lasich

Option 4 – Ward 4 Councilman Lamont Lewis



Current Millage: Land is 33 (.033) mills and Buildings are 3.5 (.0035) mills for City Taxes which is determined and approved by City Council.

Note: Millage can change YEARLY

Specialized Letters

$45 no lien letters with one week notice for preparation

All Letters are used for Refinancing or Selling of the property

All sales of property must have completed and paid occupancy permit before letters will be released

3 Year Certification Letter of Taxes: This letter specifies what taxes were paid or unpaid for 3 years on a specific parcel of property.

Refuse Letters: These letters state the balance of refuse fees due to the City of Clairton.

Sewage Letters: This letter states the balance of sewage due to the Clairton Municipal Authority. You may contact them by calling 412-233-3246 or by mail: (Sewage letters are completed by Clairton Municipal Authority only) The Municipal Authority requires a dye test for all real estate purchases.


Black – $.25 per page
Color – $.35 per page

Clairton Municipal Authority
#1 State Street North
Clairton, PA 15025

Allegheny County Treasurer’s Office
Courthouse Room 108436 Grant Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15219-2497

Visit Allegheny County Website

Real Estate Tax Information 1-866-282-TAXS
Allegheny County Assessor (412) 473-4296
Address Corrections (412) 350-4100
Paid Taxes (Overpaid) (412) 350-4122
Real Estate Tax Refunds (412) 350-4109
Delinquent Installment Tax
(412) 350-4106
Lien Information & Tax Payments (412) 835-5243
Dog, Fishing, Hunting & Boating
(412) 350-4111
Jordan Tax Collection (724) 731-2311

All sales of property must have completed and paid occupancy permit.

Animal Control Officer
Robin Gaydos-Behanna