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This department covers Code Enforcement, Ordinance Zoning and Building permits. Certificates of Occupancy and Construction permits are required for any alterations to existing buildings and/or new construction. This would include improvements to the existing structure and also Sheds, Fences, Roofing, Siding, Detached garages, Driveways and Windows. Handrails are required with 3 risers (steps) in a residential areas for safety.

All demolitions must be approved by the Fire Chief , please contact him at (412) 233-8113 Ext. 3020.

New Occupancy inspections are required by Clairton City Ordinance —- when any property old or new is bought or sold regardless if it is a Single Family Residence or a Commercial Building. The framing of the whole structure must be inspected to insure that various ordinances and codes meet compliance with the City of Clairton. Permits last 6 months. If permit expires before completion of the work, a new permit is required   Problems with high grass, garbage, debris, construction materials, and unkempt property can be handled by the Ordinance Officer.

For any questions regarding Code Enforcement, Ordinances and/or Zoning, Please call (412) 233-8113 Ext. 3030

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Public Works

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Public Works

Public Works

Public Works is responsible for the preventive and daily maintenance of the City of Clairton which also includes the business district. The main crew consist of 10 full time workers and 5 additional workers for summer help. Many of their duties involve street cleaning, grass cutting, recycling, road repair and snow removal. However during the year, they respond to local emergencies such as clogged sewers, potholes and various other complaints. They also maintain a fleet of vehicles such as dump trucks, street sweepers and various other equipment utilized for all year around preservation.. During the summer peak season, they keep the local gardens, playgrounds, parks, pool area and facilities in beautiful and functional condition. While in the winter, they assure that local roads are plowed and salted during ice storms and snowfalls.. Yet,their primary focus for snow removal is the main roads, secondary roads and then alleys. Consequently, a State of Emergency may be set for a number of hours which would give Public Works the opportunity to bring Clairton other resources to assist with snow removal. During the holidays they can be found decorating the municipal area and throughout Clairton with banners, lights and wreaths.   Recycling Information   First Recycling Bin for the place of residence is free and can be picked up anytime from 9:00am to 5:00pm. Additional Bins are available for $6.00 each.   Recyclables are picked up every two weeks on the same day as garbage. Recycling Calenders can be picked up in the Engineering Office.   Recyclable Items   Clear Glass : Food and Beverage Only All Cans: Aluminum, Bi-Metal, Steel (Tin) Newspaper: Black and White Only/Minimum Color is Acceptable Designated Plastics: HDPE, PETE and PVC Look on bottom of container for the Recyclable Symbol   Christmas Tree Mulching Program: Please take discarded, undecorated Christmas Trees to Clairton Pool Parking Lot from Dec 25 – Jan 31.   Refrigerators, Stoves and Metal Scrap can be picked up, please contact Public Works.   Latex Paint needs to be dried out and placed with the regular garbage for pickup.   Other  •New Neighborhood garden on North Drive

Proposed Improvements  •Heat in the Lodge for year around rental  •More Neighborhood gardens  •Community Involvement Program

Minor Road Repairs

Resurfacing of roads must be voted and approved by City Council.

Crack & Seal Program: This program is administered and approved by Public Works. The Crack & Seal preserves the road to get more life out of the road.   Garbage is billed quarterly and payments can be made at the Finance Office from 9:00am to 5:00pm  Freon Hotline: 1-888-GO-FREON

Pennsylvania Hazardous Waste Program Hotline: 1-800-346-4242   Garbage

Nickolich Sanitation picks up the garbage for the Clairton and Wilson area every week. However, garbage is delayed one day when any holiday falls on a weekday. Al major holidays are observed. Garbage can be placed by the curbside the evening prior to the pick up day.   Garbage is billed quarterly and payments can be made at the Finance Office from 9:00am to 5:00pm   Nickolich Sanitation 1121 McPhereson St. Clairton, PA 15025   (412) 233-8666   Call Nickolich Sanitation for the rental of large garbage dumpsters   Any problems with garbage pick up, Please Call Public Works.

Clairton Pennsylvania

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Clairton Pennsylvania
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